My jewellwery is created entirely by hand, sitting in my studio with my two little pairs of pliers. I start the process by preparing the tiny rings, opening 50-100 rings, and closing 50-100 rings, depending on the pattern. I then pick up each individual ring and begin to weave them into one of the various chainmaille patterns, to create intricate and delicate designs. The more elaborate bracelets will take many, many hours of painstaking adjustments to complete.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and now living in Knaphill, Surrey, my path has been a winding one. After studying business in Canada, I worked in the investment industry for many years. Feeling like something was missing, I earned a diploma in Fashion Marketing and Management and moved to London. Whilst working in the Fashion and Travel PR industry, I rediscovered my love of making Jewellery. I had started creating pieces for friends and family a long time ago, but only last year decided to follow my passion full time. It was during my study of silversmithing at The London Jewellery School, that I discovered chainmaille, and I have never looked back!

I very much hope you enjoy browsing my site and look forward to hearing from you via social media. I am always delighted to discuss personal commissions.

Chainmaille was originally used as armour, consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. The original pattern is still used today for items such as shark-resistant wetsuits for defense against shark bites, as well as many others to create such varied items as jewellery, clothing and accessories.